Cállate La Boca

Designer Cállate La Boca 10″ Designer Volkswagon Tortilla Pan


10″ Volkswagon Tortilla/ Crepe pans add whimsy to any kitchen. These adorable nonstick pans offer even heat distribution and a stay cool bakelite handle. The handle is securely rivetted to the body of the pan for additional safety. Made in Spain, they are sure to please!


Spanish designer Cállate La Boca brings fun to the stovetop.  This cookware series transforms everyday items into iconic images.  These pans will brighten your kitchen with whimsy.  Choose these specialty pans either Volkswagon or Mini Cooper.  Round aluminum tortilla/crepe pans are securely riveted to the Bakelite handle.  Nonstick interiors are ideal for healthy cooking and easy cleanup.




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